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NEWEX, an international brand, was established in 2008 with the business concept of providing professional solutions for massive global demands. Focusing mainly for the global markets, NEWEX remains professionally devoted. We are the solution provider and your benefit defender.   Group Company formed based on the free port of Hong Kong, NEWEX also strategically sets up manufacturing base and offices in the Pearl River Delta regions, within the Kingdom for the home appliances. NEWEX strives to create comfort for our global customers, bring values for our employees and make contribution to the whole world.

Aiming to be one of the top solution providers for products in air conditioning, home appliances, refrigeration and all other related business, NEWEX INTERNATIONAL, bring you the best quality products at the most competitive prices. Thanks to the world-class producing and testing facilities, NEWEX are entitled to manufacture high quality product efficiently.

The pursuit of being professional and supportive is our core motivation. We build up sales teams with professional skills and expertise—to make our advice/offer more convincible; we recruit the most skilled and experienced workers—to ensure our production quality and efficiency; we invite the most influential and experienced engineers to our R & D team—to provide powerful technical support and continuous source for creativeness and new development.

NEWEX also welcome to be partner of your China investment. We excel to take our advantage of our rich supply chain and our bargaining power with different manufacturers, to offer you complete information about the market and make necessary investigations. We buy easily and effectively. We are your trustable agent and China purchasing office. We are also your EYE in China. We offer the consultancy services for supplier verification, quality control, logistic, etc.

Working with NEWEX, would be your most favorable experiences ever!