СНПЧ А7 Саранск, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

NEWEX partners with professional experts in manufacturing and technology and forms a commercial A/C and specialized refrigeration equipment production plant, situated nearby the Kingdom of Home Appliances. The products are mainly for the air conditioning and refrigeration industries, including equipment and parts. Thanks to the effective team building and management, our plant now owns more than 25 professional engineers, 3 production lines and more than 200 workers.
The main business concept of this company is to satisfy unstandardized (customized) requirements from global customers, taking advantage of our powerful professional R&D team (engineers are from famous factories like Midea, Galanz, etc, most of them are more than 5 years in the industry and very experienced of new product development), and our trained skilled worker with good hand and attitude. NEWEX owns a world-class air conditioning factory and a strong R&D technical support center. We have the high efficiency production line and skilled workers for special customized products in the air conditioning. Those products of air conditioning includes but not limited to: industrial chiller, explosive-proof A/C; Post Air Conditioner; Precision Air Conditioning, Marine A/C, laboratory A/C, etc. The products of refrigeration includes but not limited to: air cooler, evaporator, condensing unit, HVAC parts, etc. 

We welcome any possibility of special customized products for any specific project. We also welcome any massive production models to join our production and we appreciate strategic technical alliances in a long term basis. Quality is our core concern and your satisfactory is our goal. Working with NEWEX, we will give you the most favorable experiences in China ever.